May 7, 2021

How can we ever be happy if we do not care about our surroundings and mother earth? We are a part of nature and must not pollute, return what we can, draw less and preserve the biodiversity.

Major part of our land area is covered by greens. We can boast of a variety of trees, plants and shrubs on our premises that include native shade giving, fruit and flowering trees. Certain fruit giving trees and grasses have been planted along with Bird feeders and bird baths attract different birds at our premises. Over 45 different species of birds have been spotted at some of our premises. We are happy to greet few hundred Rose ringed parakeets, that visit every day. 

The plantation has been extended to our neighboring areas too. This is what we call as Trimurty’s concept of Urban Biodiversity. Our work has been appreciated by CNBC TV and Trimurty has been awarded for “creating excellence in living spaces by thinking green” in north zone at the real estate awards 2017-18.

Beyond biodiversity conservation and enhancement we have used top class construction materials, maximum of which is sourced from local producers and manufacturers to reduce transport and promote local economy. Recycled materials worth 20% of the entire material cost have been used. 

Waste management system has been put in practice to ensure that minimum waste is sent to our landfills. The food and garden waste is converted into compost and used in our gardens. CFC free refrigerants in air-conditioning, low VOC paints, energy conservation measures, recycling and effective handling of construction waste, use of rapidly renewal certified wood, etc. help in reducing emissions and conservation of environment.

Energy conservation during and post construction is another feature of our design.

High SRI tiles on roof, green canopy of trees and grass grid pavers on the non-roof areas to reduce the heat island effect has been taken. Brick Bat filling at roof, High performance heat reflective glass on windows help in reducing the demand of Air-conditioning in the buildings. Energy efficient electric fixtures and equipment, level 3 transformers, solar water heating system, etc. help in reducing the energy bills.

Water is one of the most precious resources today. Rain water harvesting, water efficient plumbing fixtures, waste water treatment and reuse of treated water from STP’s, irrigation management, water metering and water audits have been put in place to reduce fresh water consumption.  

We are doing our bit and will continue to do better with the participation of our residents.

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